The solution for the headache of IT management

The Value

  • Remote Management of your computers and other devices.
  • 1 Hour a month of support per user.  On-site work is billed at 2 hours per hour. 
  • Industry leading security software.
  • Automatic update of all supported software.
  • A single phone number to call for all your IT issues.

Requirements for your system to qualify.

  • All computers must be less than four years old and running a supported operating system. The age of the CPU, from its initial release, determines system age, not the length of time that the computer has been managed.  If the computer is purchased from Kiendeleo, the device gets an extra two years of support.
  • All computers must support full-drive encryption.
  • All computers must have NVME SSDs for their primary storage drive
  • All Software and Hardware IT purchases must be reviewed with Kiendeleo, LLC before purchase to ensure support and smooth integration.

The Cost

  • $1000 per user
  • Network and server hardware is an additional fee
  • Apple device support is an additional $250 per Apple user per year.
  • Legacy devices support for devices older than four years old is $300 per user per year.